Simplify the signing of your contracts

Easily have all your documents signed digitally using electronic signatures, in accordance with European eIDAS regulations. Our qualified e-signatures (QES) guarantee the highest level of security and have the same legal value as a handwritten signature.

You choose which signature methods to offer: with a unique code sent by email (OTP), using your .beID electronic identity card and/or directly on your smartphone with itsme®.

Your contracts will be legally signed in no time!


You indicate the names and emails of the signatories, then you load all the documents that you want to have signed. Our interface takes care of formatting all your documents in a single secure file and submitting it to your signatories.

conversion all types documents adobe acrobat PDF/A-1b

You load all the documents you wish to have signed, regardless of their formats (office, text, pdf, images) and operating system (Windows/Mac). We merge them into a single optimized Acrobat file (PDF/A-1b) which will be fully submitted for signature.

Pay_As_You_Go prepaid pack e-signature

No expensive subscription, you buy the number of credits you really want. You no longer have to commit to a volume of signatures, you simply order according to your real needs.

Make your life easier

They are ready to sign!

Europe has adopted favorable eIDAS regulations to stimulate the use of the electronic signature. Authentication methods are becoming widespread in our daily activities and connections to personal accounts through itsme® are becoming more and more common.

Sign with itsme® is easy:
eidas electronic identification trust services europe logo trsp

Not all signatures are equal!

itsme® now available in Benelux

Advantageous for you and your partners

You have no time to waste

Only time to save

e-signature digital qualified dashboard iphone smartphone responsive

Have your documents e-signed today
No commitment or subscription required

Choose the number of e-Signatures you need

1 e-Signature
49,5 45
10 e-Signatures
99 84
20 e-Signatures
247,5 198
50 e-Signatures
495 371
100 e-Signatures
1 e-Signature required per person signing,
regardless of the number of documents to be signed (in the same request)
– prices excl. vat –

We answer your questions:

What makes e-Signature.eu so different?2020-05-15T14:37:30+02:00

Our aim is to make available the advanced technology of electronic signature in a clear interface accessible to all.

We facilitate the assembly of documents of different formats into a single optimized document, which will be sent for signature very easily since it is sufficient to fill in the name/first name and the email address or of the signatory(ies).

With prices previously reserved only for intensive users, we are now opening access to electronic signatures to all user profiles. Thanks to our prepaid formulas, you no longer need to commit to large volumes, you choose the number of credits you really need and at unmatched prices.

Thanks to our technological partner doccle, all signed documents are automatically archived and available to the people concerned. Simply connect e-Signature.eu to your free doccle account.


Can you tell me more about doccle?2022-03-02T14:28:06+01:00

Doccle is the largest digital administration platform in Belgium. More than 2 million Belgians receive, manage and store documents on doccle. Thanks to the interactive application which gathers all documents in a reliable digital environment, doccle offers secure, simple and fast management of personal administration. Users save an average of 31 hours per year. This is why doccle wants to convince at least 80% of Belgians to create a digital mailbox.
On doccle, every Belgian can receive their government documents by connecting to eBox. The company works with hundreds of companies and organizations from all possible sectors such as: Acerta, Attentia, CM, De Watergroep, Farys, IWVA, KBC, Liantis, OZ, Securex, Telenet, UZA, Vivalia, Vivaqua, Water- Link, Watz, Partena Professional, the Province of Antwerp, UCM, Colruyt Group, Ecowerf,… More than half of the top 25 Belgian companies are located on doccle. Doccle also supports more than 330 government and municipal organizations that use the electronic signature feature.
Doccle listens to users and businesses to continue to build a secure and user-friendly digital administration day after day. The application is funded by participating companies. It will always be offered free of charge.

More info on doccle: https://doccle.be/en/

Can you tell me more about itsme®?2023-07-20T20:59:45+02:00

itsme® is an initiative of Belgian Mobile iD, a consortium of four leading Belgian banks (Belfius, BNP Paribas Fortis, ING, KBC) and mobile network operators (Orange, Proximus, Telenet). Together, they want to make it easy for people to safely and quickly identify themselves in a world that is more and more digital.

Anyone over the age of 18 with an electronic identity card issued in Belgium, Luxembourg or the Netherlands and a smartphone can create a digital identity with itsme® (read more).

You can download the itsme® app for free in the App Store and Google Play.

Digitally identifying yourself, logging in and approving transactions with itsme® can also be done free of charge.

More information on itsme®: https://www.itsme.be/en/faq


What document formats can I upload?2020-03-15T19:59:04+01:00

We manage all the usual * document formats.
You can upload all your documents (office, text, image, pdf …), both on Windows and Mac. We will merge them and convert them into a single document in Acrobat (pdf) format for signature.

Password protected documents are not supported.

* the extensions accepted are as follows:
pdf, pages, wpd, lwp, doc, docx, wps, odt, sdw, numbers, xls, xlsx, ods, sdc, key, pps, ppsx, ppt, pptx, odp, txt, rtf, abw, md, tex, csv, epub, mobi, jpeg, jpg, png, bmp, gif, tif, tiff, ps, svg
How many pages can I have signed?2024-05-16T10:11:07+02:00

The answer to this question lies in the time it takes to process the pages sent in order to convert them into PDF/a. If this operation is too cumbersome, technical time-outs will be reached and generate an error.

A distinction needs to be made between pages from a word processing application (such as Word, Pages, etc.) and scanned pages, which are more akin to document ‘photos‘.

In the first case, and provided your documents do not include images, you can easily have documents of 500 pages or more signed.

In the second case, it depends whether you work in black & white or colour, but you won’t exceed 100 pages in black & white.

What should I do if I receive an error after uploading my documents?2024-02-19T14:07:36+01:00

Sometimes a uploaded file can cause problems when converted to PDF/a format.

  • the file name contains special characters
  • information about a specific font is missing
  • it contains an element that is not correctly interpreted (e.g. a merge / fill field)
  • it has a non-standard page format

In this case, we recommend that you print the file to a ‘pdf printer’ in order to generate a print-type pdf, which will eliminate these exotic cases.

How do I place markers on my documents to indicate where signatures should be displayed?2022-03-24T22:32:38+01:00

If you want to indicate in a document where electronic signatures should be placed, all you need to do is insert the following syntax:

#SIG01_120_240# for the first signature,

#SIG02_120_240# for the second signature, and so on.

NB: 120_240 corresponds to a frame 4 cm high and 8 cm long.

So that these characters do not appear on the document, you just need to change the color of the font to white.

Can I add an additional signature to a document already signed electronically?2023-12-05T15:28:45+01:00

Yes it’s possible.
If you upload a single Acrobat file that already has one or more electronic signatures, we will use it as is to keep the existing signatures.
In this case, you will be asked to manually position the signatures in order to be able to add the electronic signature to the document.

Please also note that:
– if your file is not in PDF/A format and if it is signed with itsme, it will have to be converted to PDF/A and you will lose any pre-existing signature
– if your file is not in a PDF format supporting the addition of signature, it will have to be converted and you will lose any pre-existing signature.

Where is the only legal place to verify an electronic signature?2022-03-24T22:46:57+01:00

The real information relating to electronic signatures contained in a signed pdf document can be found in the ‘Signature’ menu of the free Acrobat Reader application.e-signature certificat consulter adode acrobat reader

Can a signer sign from abroad?2023-07-20T19:09:59+02:00

Yes of course, it is quite possible.

If you sign using your Belgian identity card (.beID) you will need to have your identity card and reader connected with you.

If you sign with itsme, your smartphone with the itsme® app.

If you sign with a unique code sent by email, only access to your email account (to receive the code) is sufficient.

How can I follow the evolution of signatures?2020-03-15T15:52:56+01:00

Once the signing procedure has started, you can follow the status of each signatory in your dashboard. When all the signatures have been made, all the people involved receive by email the duly signed document in secure Acrobat format.

Why do some signature links expire?2022-05-03T20:29:18+02:00

When a signer clicks a second time on the link sent to them, they will receive an error telling them that their link has expired, for security reasons.
A new link to sign can be sent to him by simply clicking the ‘Request a new email’ button.

What to do if a signatory no longer has the invitation to sign?2020-03-15T15:51:19+01:00

As long as the signing process is in progress, the initiator has a ‘Reminder’ button in his dashboard. This allows you to send a reminder message with a new signature link to all signatories who have not yet signed.

What happens if a signatory does not sign?2020-05-26T10:58:38+02:00

If a signatory no longer has the invitation to sign, simply use the “Reminder” button to send all the signers who have not yet signed a reminder message with a new signature link.

The initiator can also choose from his dashboard to prematurely end the signing process using the ‘Stop’ button in order to obtain the document with the signatures already made.

Unsigned signatures are always credited back to your account.

Can I retrieve a partially signed document?2022-05-03T20:29:00+02:00

In case you ‘Cancel’ a request for signatures from your dashboard, if one or more signatories have already signed, the partially signed document will then be available in your dashboard.

On the other hand, if a signatory ‘Refuses’ the document to be signed, there will be no document available.

What happens when all the signatories have signed?2020-03-24T23:19:02+01:00

This completes the signing process.
All signatories and the initiator then receive an email to download the final document signed by all parties.

The initiator will also be able to download the version of the signed document from his dashboard.

For WHISE users, the signed document is automatically saved in the detail of the property.

How do the signatures appear on the final document?2022-03-24T16:25:34+01:00

It all depends on which signature positioning mode you have chosen.

If we do not find markers on the documents, a page intended to receive the signatures is automatically added at the beginning of the downloaded documents. This cover page will list all the signatories.

If we find markers in your documents, we will not add a cover page and will place the signatures in the areas delimited by the markers.

The signatures will appear in the document at the places you have defined, (page number and distances from the top & left side edges).

Where is the only legal place to verify an electronic signature?2022-03-24T17:35:24+01:00

The real information relating to electronic signatures contained in a signed pdf document can be found in the ‘Signature’ menu of the free Acrobat Reader application.e-signature certificat consulter adode acrobat reader

How do I verify/print a signature report?2023-09-25T14:21:23+02:00

Beyond the information included in the ‘Signature’ menu of Acrobat Reader, you can also submit the signed file on a page created by the European Commission.

DSS Validation

After submitting your signed document, you will have the option (top right) to print or download the generated report.


How do I keep my signed documents?2020-05-19T16:12:26+02:00

All signed documents are automatically stored in doccle. Each user can at any time connect their doccle account to e-Signature.eu as a new partner and will then have access to all their signed documents.

The doccle app will always be offered free of charge, more information on https://doccle.be/en/

What are the additional advantages of the electronic signature?2020-03-15T15:50:30+01:00

In addition to the security and authenticity advantages of the electronic signature, here are some additional benefits which are added to it:

  1. the possibility of signing a document without printing it (saving paper)
  2. the possibility of sending the document by e-mail (economy of stamp)
  3. the possibility of signing a document without meeting (reduction of travel)
  4. the possibility of implementing a real document dematerialization policy
  5. the possibility of keeping the document in digital format (simplification and elimination of paper storage and archiving)
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