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The mere fact that a user uses this website implies that he accepts the following conditions of use in full and irrevocable. VisitOnWeb reserves the right to modify these conditions at any time without prior notice. The adapted conditions are published on the website and will automatically come into force after their publication. The purpose of these Conditions is to define the terms and conditions governing the relationship between Users and VisitOnWeb. These Conditions constitute a contractual agreement for an indefinite period from the acceptance by the User of this Contract. The User undertakes during each of his visits to the Site to comply with all of these Conditions without any reservation. Consequently, the User acknowledges having read the Conditions and agrees to be bound by these provisions.

Eligibility for the Service
The User must have full legal capacity. In the event that the User is a minor, he must have obtained the prior authorization of his legal representatives in accordance with legal and regulatory provisions. If the User accesses the Site on behalf of a company or any other legal entity, he is nevertheless personally bound by this Agreement.

Conditions of use of
It is prohibited to visit the website in an automated way by means of a robot, a crawler or indexing software or in any other automated way. It is forbidden to request the content of automatically or not with a frequency that is substantially higher than the frequency of a typical normal user. Please contact us beforehand if you doubt that your visit frequency is substantially higher than the normal typical visit frequency.

Create an account
The creation of a member account on the Site is a mandatory prerequisite for the use of the Site Services. It involves completing the registration form, available on the Site, by providing accurate, up-to-date and complete information. This information must then be subject to regular updates by the User in order to preserve its accuracy. The User must choose a username consisting of a valid email address and a password and must provide the following information: their first and last name as well as an email address. Access codes to the User account are strictly confidential. In the event of unauthorized use of their account or any breach of the confidentiality and security of their means of identification, the User must, without delay, inform VisitOnWeb.

Each User agrees to create only one account corresponding to his profile.

Personal data
All personal data available to VisitOnWeb is legally and fairly collected. These data are provided by Users who accept, by creating an account on the Site, voluntarily and expressly these Conditions authorizing VisitOnWeb to process this data. They are used to allow the User to take full advantage of the Services and functions offered by the Site. In order to facilitate the use of the Site and to personalize the Site experience for the User, uses cookies and log files. The use of cookies can be deactivated by modifying the browser settings. Personal data is stored by VisitOnWeb on its servers, for processing in the context of the use of the Services. They are kept as long as necessary for the provision of the Services and functions offered by the Site. The User always remains the owner of the information concerning him that he transmits. He has, in accordance with the law, a right of access, rectification and deletion of personal data concerning him, as well as the right to oppose the communication of this data to third parties for good reasons.

The User may exercise their rights by writing to the following electronic address: [email protected] or to the following postal address: VisitOnWeb sprl, 42 Avenue Léon Houyoux in 1160 Brussels.

A response to the User’s request will be sent to them within 30 days.

Publication restriction
The prices for e-signatures are determined for each specific signature type. The user cannot claim any total or partial reimbursement of his credits. The user expressly accepts that as soon as his credits have been paid, he renounces any right of withdrawal and total or partial reimbursement of these. To submit documents for signature, the initiator must fill out the form provided for this purpose and undertakes to provide exact and up-to-date information as to, in particular, the description of his documents and language chosen for the submission. This information should not be likely to undermine public order or decency, to provoke protests by third parties, or even to contravene the legal provisions in force. The information communicated by the User is their sole responsibility, it is therefore the responsibility of the User to check its accuracy and immediately report any errors.

As an exception, documents sent for signature are only accessible to people informed by the User.

VisitOnWeb reserves the unilateral right to refuse or deactivate before its term, without compensation, a User account and / or a sending for signature in the following cases:

  • A title contrary to these terms of use.
  • Any information which it considers inappropriate or contrary to the spirit of the Site.

Users refrain:

  1. from transmitting, publishing, distributing, recording or destroying any material, in particular the content in violation of the laws or regulations in force concerning the collection, processing or transfer of personal information;
  2. create fictitious profiles;
  3. from disseminating data, information, or content of a defamatory, offensive, obscene, offensive, violent or inciting violence, or of a political, racist or xenophobic nature and in general any content which would be contrary to the laws and regulations in force or in good character;
  4. from using information, content or any data present on the Site in order to offer a third-party service;
  5. practicing Reverse Engineering, decompiling, disassembling, deciphering or otherwise trying to obtain the source code in relation to any underlying intellectual property used to provide all or part of the Services;
  6. from using software or manual or automatic devices, coding robots or other means to access, explore, extract or index any page of the Site;
  7. from endangering or trying to endanger the security of an website. This includes attempts to control, scan or test the vulnerability of a system or network or to violate security or authentication measures without express prior authorization ;
  8. from counterfeiting or using products, logos, brands or any other element protected by the intellectual property rights of VisitOnWeb;
  9. from simulating the appearance or operation of the Site, for example by performing a mirror effect;
  10. from disturbing or disturbing, directly or indirectly, the Site or the Services, or imposing a disproportionate load on the infrastructure of the Site or attempting to transmit or activate computer viruses via or on the Site.

It is recalled that breaches of system or network security can lead to civil and criminal proceedings. Users agree to use the Site fairly, in accordance with its professional purpose and the legal and regulatory provisions, these Conditions and the uses in force.

Conditions for signatures made via the Site
VisitOnWeb, only performs a technical intermediary role in the creation of electronic signatures, which are entrusted to its partner doccle. Consequently, Users are required to organize between themselves the legal and financial conditions of their relationships for which they will be solely responsible. They will then have to ensure compliance with legal and regulatory conditions and deal with all of the complaints from the different Users. In addition VisitOnWeb cannot be held responsible for the consequences of using the Site. VisitOnWeb does not guarantee the sincerity of the information contained in particular in the documents communicated by the various Users. VisitOnWeb remains third party to these contractual relationships and the User may not in these cases act on any basis and for any reason whatsoever.

Limitation of Liability
VisitOnWeb cannot be responsible for the consequences of the use of data and information transmitted via the Site. The User remains the entire and solely responsible for the use of said data and information. VisitOnWeb is also not responsible for any direct or indirect damage or any damage whatsoever caused by inaccuracy, lack of completeness, forgetfulness, negligence, etc. mentioned above.

Use of site content
The entire content of the Site, including designs, texts, graphics, images, videos, information, logos, button icons, software, audio files and others belongs to VisitOnWeb, which is the sole holder of all property rights. intellectual property. Any representation and / or reproduction and / or partial or total exploitation of the contents and Services offered, by any process whatsoever, without the prior written consent of VisitOnWeb is strictly prohibited and may lead to legal action.

VisitOnWeb is in no way responsible for temporary or permanent damage or defects in data or computer equipment of the user resulting from the use of websites. VisitOnWeb is also not responsible for the possible transmission of viruses through websites.

Website availability
VisitOnWeb makes every effort to ensure good availability of its services but cannot guarantee that its services will be available at all times or that no breakdown or interruption will occur. VisitOnWeb reserves the right to interrupt access to its services at any time and without prior warning for technical or other reasons or to terminate the services. VisitOnWeb cannot be held responsible for breakdowns or interruptions, nor for errors in the electronic supply and these cannot generate refunds or discounts or any other compensation, except in the event of intentional fault of VisitOnWeb.

The offers are always limited in number and in time. These conditions are communicated during the offer. All requests are subject to approval by the sales department. The pricing proposed for each offer is always valid for the registration period, regardless of any increases during the current subscription period. Any possible increase in prices is mentioned in advance in the media and / or communicated in writing, and it is then applied automatically.

Evidence agreement
The computer systems and files are authentic in the relationships between and the User. Thus, VisitOnWeb may validly produce, within the framework of any procedure, for the purposes of proof, the data, files, programs, recordings or other elements, received, issued or stored by means of the computer systems operated by VisitOnWeb, on any digital or analog media, and take advantage of it unless there is a manifest error.

Applicable right
The applicable law is Belgian law. The invalidity, nullity or non-enforceable nature of all or part of one of the above provisions will not lead to the invalidity and / or the non-enforceable nature of the other provisions. The Parties accept that electronic communication between them has the force of law of written proof. Unless otherwise provided in the conditions of a product or service, any possible dispute arising from the use of VisitOnWeb websites is subject to Belgian law and the courts of Brussels are exclusively competent.