Brussels, March 25, 2022, thanks to the services of doccle, has been offering qualified electronic signatures since 2020 without any commitment. No subscription or fixed costs to bear, just prepaid credits so that each user can order the number of e-Signatures according to their real needs. A commercial offer adapted to the lowest volumes and allowing the electronic identity card (.beID) or itsme® Sign to be used on demand as means of strong signature.

Today is enriching its services with new features to even better meet the needs of its user community.

The signature made using a unique code sent by email

This authentication method has the advantage of being very simple to perform and offers a quick solution for the majority of common documents. It is no longer necessary to have a Belgian electronic identity card. An email address is enough to receive a unique code to sign the documents.

“We have many customers who want to have documents signed outside our borders, and the unique code signature is one of the easiest solutions to implement because it is universal,” says Bruno Biemans, head of

Legal Notice

It is sometimes necessary for signatories to add a legal notice before signing. The most common is “Read and approved” but this can sometimes concern the amount of a deposit or other more specific cases. The new version provides the possibility of defining its own legal notice. The signatory must enter the same wording defined in order to complete the signing process.

Automatic or manual positioning of signatures on documents

The only real place to verify an electronic signature is in Adobe Reader’s ‘Signatures’ menu. However, it is convenient to also be able to view the signatories of a document on the document itself. In the new version, the initiator will be able to choose from two layout modes:

  • Automatic: If markers* are found on the document to be signed, the signatures will be placed according to the markers, otherwise an additional cover sheet will be added to accommodate the signatures.

* a marker is a series of specific characters inserted into a document and generally invisible (ex: white font color on a white background).

  • Manual: all you have to do is fill in the page and the positioning (in relation to the edges) of the signature for each signatory.


Always for the sake of efficiency, each client now has a directory in which he can save signatories. Thus he will no longer have to re-enter the surname, first name and email address of saved signatories with each new signature request.

Document size

We were limited to 10Mb for all of your documents.
You can now upload documents up to 20Mb (for all your documents).

About doccle

Doccle is the largest digital administration platform in Belgium. More than 2 million Belgians receive, manage and store documents on doccle. Thanks to the interactive application that brings together all documents in a reliable digital environment, doccle offers secure, simple and fast management of personal administration. Users save an average of 31 hours per year. This is why doccle wants to convince at least 80% of Belgians to create a digital mailbox.

On doccle, every Belgian can receive their government documents by connecting to eBox. The company works with hundreds of companies and organizations from all possible sectors such as: Acerta, Attentia, CM, De Watergroep, Farys, IWVA, KBC, Liantis, OZ, Securex, Telenet, UZA, Vivalia, Vivaqua, Water- Link, Watz, Partena Professional, the Province of Antwerp, UCM, Colruyt Group, Ecowerf,… More than half of the top 25 Belgian companies can be found on doccle. Doccle also supports more than 330 governmental and municipal organizations that use the electronic signature functionality.

Doccle listens to users and companies to continue to build a secure and user-friendly digital administration day after day. The app is funded by participating companies. It will always be offered free of charge.