-Press release-

Brussels, June 9, 2020 – VisitOnWeb, designer of innovative solutions for the self-employed and SMEs, has chosen doccle as its partner for its electronic signature services, including itsme® Sign. Available on www.e-Signature.eu, these services offered in prepaid formulas will contribute to the adoption of the electronic signature among professionals and individuals looking for an easy solution adapted to low volumes.

In search of simplification

Bruno Biemans, manager of VisitOnWeb, confides: “Our customers have a real need to simplify their administration. With its high level of security combined with its ease of use, itsme® Sign represents a real asset in facilitating customer processes while contributing to a modern image of the profession. But we do not limit our services to professionals, individuals can also benefit from the advantages of the electronic signature”.

Adapted signature methods

Simplicity and frequency are two important criteria for adopting new practices. This is why the e-Signature.eu portal offers authentication methods that are increasingly part of our daily activities: .beID & itsme®. The itsme® Sign solution achieves the feat of meeting the highest level of eIDAS electronic signature requirement, with its legal equivalence to the handwritten signature, directly from your mobile phone. It is now possible for anyone to have any document(s) signed at any time and on any smartphone equipped with the itsme® application.

A simple and efficient interface

Combining simplicity and security to facilitate use, that is the objective.

The e-Signature.eu interface has been designed to be as easy as possible and only provides basic information: the surname/first name and email address of each signatory are sufficient.

The initiator can then upload all types of usual documents regardless of their format (office, text, pdf, image) and operating system (Windows/Mac). The online platform of e‑Signature.eu takes care of merging them into a single Acrobat file, optimized in terms of size, which will be submitted in full for signature.

A few minutes are enough to sign documents and receive a signed and secure copy.

Prepaid formulas accessible to all

Until then intended for players achieving considerable volumes, e-Signature.eu opens access to qualified electronic signatures to the most modest users and without any commitment. With prepaid formulas starting at 1 e-Signature and at decreasing prices (from €4.95 to less than €3.50 excl. VAT), each user profile will be able to find an offer that meets their real needs. As Bruno Biemans points out: “Our desire is to popularize a technology that has proven itself and allow everyone to benefit from the significant advantages of the electronic signature”.

Powered by doccle

Doccle, recognized as a Trust Service Provider – PSC (TSP), a leader in the field of digital administration, offers electronic signature solutions that comply with European eIDAS regulations. The doccle solution is at the heart of each signature made on e-Signature.eu, guaranteeing the identity of the author, the consent of the signatory, the integrity of the document and the value as evidence in court before national and European courts.

Bram Lerouge, CEO of doccle, said: “We are pleased to be able to deploy our technology to make digital signing accessible to businesses and individuals. This great collaboration shows that digitizing the signature is perfectly possible in a very user-friendly way.”

Archiving in doccle

Nearly 2 million Belgians already receive, process and store documents on doccle today. Documents signed via e-Signature.eu are no exception to the rule, and all doccle users, present or future, will be able to find the documents they have signed in their doccle account. Since signed documents are generally important, a quality archiving service is an added value, especially when provided by the most innovative platform for digital administration in Belgium.

About doccle

Doccle is the largest digital administration platform in Belgium. Nearly 2 million Belgians receive, manage and store documents on doccle. Thanks to the interactive application that brings together all documents in a reliable digital environment, doccle offers secure, simple and fast management of personal administration. Users save an average of 31 hours per year. This is why doccle wants to convince at least 80% of Belgians to create a digital mailbox.

On doccle, every Belgian can receive their government documents by connecting to eBox. The company works with hundreds of companies and organizations from all possible sectors such as: Acerta, Attentia, CM, De Watergroep, Farys, IWVA, KBC, Liantis, OZ, Securex, Telenet, UZA, Vivalia, Vivaqua, Water- Link, Watz, Partena Professional, the Province of Antwerp, UCM, Colruyt Group, Ecowerf,… More than half of the top 25 Belgian companies can be found on doccle. Doccle also supports more than 330 governmental and municipal organizations that use the electronic signature functionality.

Doccle listens to users and companies to continue to build a secure and user-friendly digital administration day after day. The app is funded by participating companies. It will always be offered free of charge.